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When you're a professional pirate...

Upstage, lads, this is my only number

Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
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((very_verydanger; playing for campfuckudie))
bells, big metal balls, courting with more grace, crazy uncle xingba's piratorium, defecting with huang gai :))), dragon tattoos hell yeah, fellow lowly pirates, fuck yeah gan ning, game power ups, gongji in a dress, gongji's pretty little girl tears, grater bells, jingle bell walk, lady zhen ji's hooters, ling cao's dying words, lord cao pi, making out with gongji's woman, my ding-a-ling, my wei or the highway, never being fully dressed, not being reincarnated with boobies, not getting castrated by xing cai, not those motherfucking snakes, old man!!1!, shanking people's dads, the kingdom of wei, the occasional murder, these bells toll for thee, those sure are manly fans sir, topping toppy women, twinkle-fairy princess gongji, wearing my meal as a hat, welcome to gay paradice, wine women and wu, wu's fratboy kegger parties, you can leave your bells on