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Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
25 May 2009 @ 01:05 pm
Change of address!

I HAVE A NEW EMAIL. The previous one, while awesome (tokohanpowersactivate @gmail.com) is ... really long and hard to spell okay :( I kept it for A LONG TIME, we have had some good times, but I need something I can actually type.

New email is henshin.yo@gmail .com! It's going to take me awhile to get everything set up, and I'll have to figure out how to forward stuff and force gchat to love me again, but... yes. Same great flavor, now with a shiny new logo.

Now how do I do any of this aaaahhh soscary.
Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
19 February 2009 @ 10:36 am
Okay so -- MY COMPUTER IS NOT TURNING ON WHOO and I am actually quite pissy and upset about this! Because it means I have to find someone hopefully in a reasonable driving distance to become my white knight and fix this. And I have no idea how long this will take. MAYBE A DAY. MAYBE A WEEK. oh god if it is more than a week i will crawl into a little ball and die.

So this is my possible hiatus notice! IN THE EVENT THAT I DO NOT TRIUMPHANTLY RETURN TODAY OR TOMORROW, all my characters (Tot/Gohan/Ryomou/Ryoutarou/Xingba/Chiaki/Barret/Maya) have become snowglobes. Emo snowglobes.

i do not know how to survive without my computer anymore ;o; ;o; ;o;
Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
18 August 2008 @ 03:07 pm
I'm sad and alone without my CFUDers in the living room. So I am going to do an ICON MEME.

HA HA only six charactersCollapse )
Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
28 June 2008 @ 12:31 pm
Instead of doing an actual write-up like I ought to, I am simply marking a chronological list of where Xingba was and with whom he was working. The fact that I have used correct grammar thus far in this post hurts me where my in-characterness resides.

* Wu - Same old, same old. Three kingdoms trying to pound the others into the dirt.

* Orochi - He came to town, he came to fu~ck with the timeline. He smashed the realities of the three kingdoms with Japan just to see if anyone could ever become a match for him. During this time, most of Wu was taken captive by Orochi's forces, as he beat pretty much everyone in existence. Xingba was not, apparently? Neither were Boyan or Gongji.

* The Wu Resistance - Commanded by Boyan; Officers under his command include Gongji, Xingba, and Ling Cao. Their emperor and hero, Sun Ce, was sent by Orochi to destroy them. And so he did. Boyan leaves and is saved by Nobunaga and joins him.

* The Shu Resistance - Gongji and Xingba both end up joining the Shu army, under the leadership of Xing Cai. Xingba really hates taking orders from "that woman." Once again, Sun Ce is ordered to and succeeds in smashing them to pieces. Xingba and Gongji split up again, this time for good, because Gongji joins Nobunaga's army.

* The Azai Resistance - Under Azai Nagamasa, Xingba worked to fight against those damn dirty snakes. Until Lords Cao Pi and Ishida Mitsunari were ordered to take him out. He was captured by their forces and was pretty pissy, even demanding that they kill him. Instead, he was asked to join Cao Pi's revolt. And he did.

... So I should probably mention who is in Wei still.

The following BAMFs make up the Kingdom of Wei Orochi versionCollapse )
Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
28 June 2008 @ 11:55 am
Name: Gan Ning styled Xingba
Age: 23
Birthday: ... idk
Height: 181cm / 5'11
Weight: Something gay.
Eyes: Brown? Hazel?
Hair: Brown.

Medical Info: A healthy dude from prior to 300AD. So, uh. He's probably middle-aged for his time.

Physical traits: Big tall half-naked Chinese guy smothered in tattoos. You can hear him coming because he always wears great big bells around his waist.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: He's good with just about anything. He's from ... I need to look up what board it is, but he's joined with Wei and is working under Lords Cao Pi and Ishida Mitsunari. He is striving to kill Orochi dead. If you tell him he manages it, he'll just be happy. If you tell him he dies, well. Fuck it who doesn't. I'M IN THE FUTURE.

Abilities: HACK AND SLASH WITH A GIANT FUCKING SWORD YARR. Er. By which I mean he is a dedicated general of the Wei army and is super good with his combat skills. His musou lets him RUN REALLY FAST IN A STRAIGHT LINE. And I forget his other attack right now because I am dumb.

Mostly, he is a swordsman who can kick your ass. And probably shoot a bow too, because that is how Koei rolls. Also, no sword dances. Unless you are Gongji, and you want to cry like a little girl.

Notes for the Psychics: Big dumb moron who likes to fight a lot. He's thinking exactly what he's saying, he's just thinking it louder.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: LET'S DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: . . . well if you are a chick he will be pretty cool with it. If not, he will probably hit you. But I am still cool with it.

Maim/Murder/Death: Yes and yes and also yes. Abuse is funny.

Cooking: He can probably make sure meat isn't raw before biting into it.
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Gan Ning styled Xingba (甘寧 興霸)
28 June 2008 @ 02:07 am
Character Name: Gan Ning styled Xingba
Age: 23
Series: Musou Orochi
Occupation: Offical Go-Between for the Import and Export of Any Bootlegged Material This Side of the Mississippi
Canon: When the serpent king Orochi decided to test his strength, he went all out and punched the timestream for all he was worth. And he's worth quite a lot, thank you very much! Soon all hell broke loose, and suddenly third-century China and sixteenth-century Japan were shoved into the same plane of existence. Kingdoms were separated, families torn apart, and many rose to fight against those whom they once served proving that it's always a party when Orochi's in town.

Speaking of! Gan Ning (Xingba), formerly a former pirate of Wu, is in all ways bold, rowdy, and gruff. A pretty good guy with a fratboy mentality (girls good, fire better, free food best), he's hard to ignore and even harder to forget. This probably has nothing to do with the fact that he speaks roughly and wears bells around his waist so enemies can hear him coming at them. Loyal and
loud, he's also remembered as a rough and tough prankster, often with his good buddy Ling Tong (Gongji). Too bad saying sorry just isn't part of his patchwork moral fibre. He's determined to take out his enemies and so help him, he'll do it, too - even if it means fighting against his own lord on numerous occasions.

To end, it's hard not to overstate his hatred of Orochi and his necromanced army of snakes, given that Xingba was more than willing to join the army of Wei, one of Wu's most hated enemies, just to get a chance to smite them. Lastly, permission to trashtalk Gongji was granted by player.

Sample app:

All right you, now listen up here! This ain't the first time I've been shimmied off some place I don't know nothin' about. Ya got that? It's old hat. What's more, I don't care what your Mississippi or Mistersippi or whatever river it is unless the thing's gotta dam I can use against them snakes. The bastards. Now don't any of you start gettin' your panties in a bunch over it. They aren't gonna swarm ya here. Heh, those snakes are a little occupied a ways outta here. Guess they prefer the plains to this gunk. But I ain't gonna complain. This time around they got me workin' down here in the swampland, eh? That's fine by me! Anywhere without snakes is fine. You could say I got experience in the field. Heh. I know I would. There's only one problem I can see. Or, uh, don't see, I guess. Either way, we got us a serious problem here. Seriously.


'Oooh, Xingba, you should go prove your loyalty and take over duty at that supply depot' my ass. Is this how the great Kingdom of Wei treats its men? Take 'em out back and leave 'em there?! I guess I'm lucky those idiots with the arrows back there don't know how to shoot. Now if they were trying to shoot through that barn, that's their problem. Back in my day, we took livestock outside before we tried takin' 'em down. Is this another of them Japan things? Weirdos.

If you really need somethin' to do, you can just come on down here and take a look at all these here supplies and you can fill out some of these orders that folks put in. Now, I'm gonna be startin' up a real nice policy here where you just do what you're supposed to without whinin' or asking too many questions. If I wanna see a little girl cry over somethin', I'll go find Gongji. On second thought, that's too insulting for the real little girls out there. They'd handle it better. For future reference it's don't ask, don't tell, man. And quit laughing! There just ain't anything funny about that, unless you're tryin' to torture somebody to death with this junk.

Back to business, grunts. I see what you did there. You stand up and get back in line, awright? You don't get to lie down on the job or each other when I'm talking. So shut up! So there! Think you're gonna pull the wool over these pretty eyes, huh? Well, too bad. And nobody better show up over here with a sheep unless it's for dinner. You folks are way too literal. It's my responsibility to make sure all this stuff gets delivered and now you're just making this difficult.

Let's see here . . . We got six boxes of 'Do Asbestos You Can' lumber supplies, eight cans of liquid Plugger-Upper, four copies of 'Double Midgetration: The Movie,' two dozen banana hammocks, a bucket of platypus hair, and a half a sandwich . . . Heeey, maybe these Wei guys do know how to party. Think I'll join 'em.

You hear? Good. Time to deliver this with just a little extra tucked in here, heh heh. Do I know how to get rid of unwanted merchandise or what? Now since we can't afford any saddles yet, you men are gonna have to go it bareback. Yeah, it's real funny, I know. Maybe now you'll learn a thing or two about paying attention to your commanding officer.

80% on the nose!